In a historically unique place our company has launched a project of the development of agricultural lands with prevailing production of potatoes and vegetables (beets, carrots, peas and other legumes products).


Vozdvizhenskoye country settlement is located 90 km from MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) in the north-west of Moscow Region near the Zavidovo national park.

Ha +

Land bank


Vegetable storage capacity

Used storage technology

For a long-term storage we plan to use advanced technologies:


  • precise regulation of temperature, humidity and CO2 content;
  • products ventilation by means of frequency transformers;
  • cassette humidifiers using;
  • refrigerators using;
  • germination inhibitor use in the course of storage;
  • underground channel usage as part of the ventilation system for potato and beet with optimal size and hole spacing.

Vegetable processing

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Product Realization

The enterprise has several directions of product sales:

  • potato crisps and French fries production by our partners,
  • packed vegetable product sale to the large retail networks,
  • waste products and vegetable processing sale to the stock farms of Klin district.

When we launched the up-to-date high-tech company in this location we thought primarily about the people living in Vozdvizhenskoye country settlement. By creating new workplaces and processing land using advanced worldwide technologies we give a powerful incentive to the whole region development. We give the opportunity to young specialists to implement their ideas at our fields. We are confident that Russian agriculture isn’t just a word. This is what happens right here and right now.