ярмарка в Клину

“Razdolie” introduced its products on the agricultural festival in Klin

On 6-8 October the agricultural festival was held on the central square of Klin where products grown on the territory of the Klin municipal district and other districts of the Moscow region and other regions were introduced. Such festivals are usually held twice a month and are very popular among citizens. It was the first time that “Razdolie” participated in such event and introduced to customer local potato (Gala and Red Scarlett varieties) grown on

урожайность картофеля в ООО «Раздолье» составила 300 ц/га

Representatives of the business community of the Kiln municipal district asked the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government “uncomfortable questions”

On 5th October there was held the meeting between the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government – the Minister of investments and innovations Denis Butsaev and the representatives of the business community of Klin in the Administration of the Kiln municipal district. During the communication with the Deputy Chairman..

In “Razdolie” the average yield of potato amounts to 300 centner/Ha

In “Razdolie” the average yield of potato amounts to 300 centner/Ha

The “Razdolie” informs that its specialists started harvesting table and crisping potato varieties, the average yield of which amounts to 300 centners per hectare in 2017 and it is 20 % higher than the rate in the Moscow region. “Razdolie” is one of the leading agricultural companies of the Moscow region. The land bank of the company exceeds 10 000 Ha in Dmitrov, Klin, Istra and Odintsovo districts of the Moscow region.

Razdolie starts selling potato ExField

“Razdolie” starts selling potato ExField

The “Razdolie” company started harvesting potato grown on the territory of the reserved park Zavidovskiy. Zavodvskiy potato is grown in the environmentally friendly area, exclusively on the agricultural lands of the national reserved park, where no production has been effected for many years. The specialists of the company carried out a lot of work on the return into circulation of fallow land where they planted potato of the elite varieties.

The TNT channel about the unusual harvest of potato in “Razdolie”

The Klin TV-channel “TNT-Poisk” continued a series of programs about the “Razdolie” company, which made an unusual harvest of potato this year. The correspondents noted the high professionalism of employees of agricultural company, well-structured process, which allowed in not so favorable weather conditions to achieve high yield of potato. According to the experts, the “Razdolie”

The TNT channel about the unusual harvest of potato in “Razdolie”, LLC

On 21 September the journalists of the Klin division of the TNT channel presented the news about the unusual potato harvest in the “Razdolie” company. According to the manager of the Klin separate division of the “Razdolie” Alexey Sivcev, the yield exceeded 300 kg from one hectare, that is a very good result considering the weather conditions and the specifics of the soils of the Moscow region.

New design of honey Svyatogorovskiy

New design of honey “Svyatogorovskiy”

We are happy to share the good news from the PR and marketing departments of the “Razdolie” company. While our colleagues battle for the harvest in the vast fields of our generous farms, the designers and marketers work hard on the products packages. Today we are pleased to introduce you the “image” of the honey “Svyatogorovskiy” which will appear on the shelves of Moscow stores.

“Razdolie” - focus on forages

One of the core activities of “Razdolie” is hay preparation. Last year the company researched the level of the consumer demand for this product, worked out the ways of distribution, worked through all the nuances and subtleties of the production technology and logistics. Despite the unusual unfavorable weather conditions this year the company prepared more than 600 tons of hay and the works on preparation still continue!

started to harvest potato

“Razdolie” started to harvest potato

The Klin separate division of “Razdolie” started to harvest potato. This information marked as “urgent” was presented by the press service of the company. “Razdolie” is planning to collect more than 2,4 thousand tons of selected potato from 80 Ha this year.

started the harvesting campaign

“Razdolie” started the harvesting campaign

The harvesting campaign was started on 1 September in the Dmitrov separate division of the “Razdolie” company. According to the Manager of the separate division Dmitry Kiselev, currently pea harvesting is in full swing, the estimated harvest is more than 1,2 thousand tons.

opening an apiary

The “Razdolie” company of the Moscow region has launched its own apiary and prepared over 200 kg of flower honey in the Dmitrov district

On 23 August the agricultural company “Razdolie” introduced the new modern apiary near the Svyatogorovo village of the Dmitrov district, Moscow region. Among other invitees the representatives of the Ministry of the

The agricultural company “Razdolie” launches new apiary

On picturesque meadow near the Svyatogorovo village the agricultural company “Razdolie” presented its own apiary. Last year the company made a lot of efforts to implement this project: the modern hives made of styrofoam according to the special technology patented in Poland were purchased in Belorussia. Fanil Sharipov – a person with great experience of work with bees from Bashkir Republic – was invited to work as a beekeeper.

Coarse fodder for rabbits

Specialized exhibition "Potato Russia 2017" was held in Nizhniy Novgorod region under the auspices of a large agricultural producer

On the 4th of August a large-scale agricultural fair "Potato Russia 2017" was organized by the company "Grimme" at the "Axentis" company's place. The modern types of the agricultural planting, processing machinery and machinery for harvesting potatoes and other vegetable crops were introduced there. Moreover, companies producing plant protection agents, seed materials and some representatives of specialized mass-media offered the participants cooperation and their practical experience for getting harvest of good quality

Coarse fodder for rabbits

The “Razdolie” offers balanced roughage for rabbits

For farm animals dry food is the best source of essential vitamins and nutrients for the growth and proper weight gain in the offseason. Special mixtures with the required components, carbohydrate and nutrients are chosen for different animals. The “Razdolie” company offers bales of hay different in the composition and their shape: from 16 to 20 kg, and rolls of 320-380 kg. And recently the company has started to produce bales of hay of 5kg for rabbits. The special field with meadow grasses and legume-cereal grasses, which are considered to be the most appropriate for these pets was selected for mowing in the Klin district.


The First channel introduced the video reel about the “Razdolie” company

On 27th of July the federal TV project “Good morning” on the First channel introduced the video reel, dedicated to the ancient feast – day of the Aquila, Patrols. This day the peasants of Russia used to go to patrols to save their harvest from bad weather and to protect it from evil spirits. The correspondent of the First channel Dmitry Kuzmin tried to understand the modern interpretation of this holiday.

“Razdolie” is planning to start production of succulent feed for livestock of the Moscow region

Today the “Razdolie” company is in the leading position in procurement and supply of feed for livestock to the market of the Moscow region. The product range includes nutritious hay, feed wheat and peas of good quality. Making business with the agricultural companies of the Moscow region allows to reduce the logistics, to minimize costs and to carry out the appropriate price policy.

Bad weather is unable to prevent the “Razdolie” company from growing wheat in Istra district

The specialists of the “Razdolie” company together with the invited experts carried out the audit of wheat germination in Istra district. The results showed that the rains pose no threat to crops, germination of the wheat corresponds to the rules and high yield is expected.


“Razdolie” invites the best students of the leading agricultural university of our country for the internship

On 6th June the specialists of the “Razdolie” company took part in the Career Day which was organized by the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy for its students. Participation in such events aimed at engaging students in practical activities has become a good tradition strengthening business connection between the large agricultural producer and the main agricultural University of the country.


“Razdolie” has introduced the local wholesale distribution center development project on the forum “AgroCentres: infrastructure, processing and distribution”

The forum “AgroCentres: infrastructure, processing and distribution” was held in Moscow on 27th and 28th of June, where state authorities, farmers and managers of the agroindustrial companies, manufacturers and distributors of the equipment for storage, packing and transportation of the agricultural products took part.


Germination of elite varieties of potato was evaluated in "Razdolie"

The Klin separate division of "Razdolie" planted over 80 Ha of potato of the premium varieties "Gala" and "Innovator" in 2017. The weather made its adjustments to the course and the timing of sowing, causing concerns about the future of the harvest.


Battle for the harvest

This year the weather presents one surprise after another. Even old-timers do not remember such rainy spring and the cold beginning of the summer. All germination graphics and calculations on development phases of crops and with them the schedules of fertilizers and plant protection chemicals are in urgent need of adjustment. But, how we say in Razdolie, difficulties just make us stronger!

Planting in the Klin, Dmitrov and Istra districts of the Moscow region

Specialists of the "Razdolie" company have completed the preparatory field work and started the planting. More than 340 hectares of peas, 80 hectares of potatoes and 150 hectares of flax will be planted in total in the Klin, Dmitrov and Istra districts of the Moscow region.


Specialists of LLC "Razdolie" complete the planting season of peas and potatoes in Dmitrov and Klin districts of Moscow region

Moscow, 18th of May - Razdolie, the leading innovative agricultural company in the Moscow region, reports that the company's specialists are completing the planting over 340 hectares of peas in the Dmitrov district and over 80 hectares of potatoes in the Klin district of the Moscow region.

Modern equipment went into the fields for planting preparation

Agricultural activities have their own features and special technologies, thanks to which a healthy and qualitative crop is produced, which is presented on the shelves of stores. The first agricultural work in the fields after winter is disking, or loosening of the upper soil layer. This process contributes to the death of weeds, and is also necessary for the care of perennial grasses. "Razdolie" company has begun to prepare the soil for planting. If you're interested in the process, you can watch our video.


"Razdolie" company has started spring field work

Late spring forced the Moscow farmers to postpone the beginning of field work, which was planned to begin a few weeks ago. Night frosts and a lot of precipitation created a situation where it is not advisable to put machinery in fields. It is the weather condition that delays the beginning of the agricultural season and the beginning of work on preparing the soil for planting.


"Razdolie" will create the most safe environment for bees

This year, "Razdolie" will create from scratch its own apiary and will collect the first ton of natural honey. To implement all the plans, the company has its bee-keeper, which will ensure the long-term existence of the project and the collection of high-quality harvest. The network has information that in some regions of Russia up to 90% of bees died from an unknown virus. To make sure that our bees are safe we talked with Fanil Sharipov, a beekeeper of LLC Razdolie.


«VegCult-2017» gathered more than 3 thousand specialists in agriculture

On April 4 and 5, the largest Russian agrarian forum of vegetable crops "VegCult-2017" was held in the House of Government of the Moscow Region. This forum was the third one and the most ambitious and representative, both in terms of participants and invited speakers.


Razdolie invites students of the leading agrarian university of Russia to cooperate

Not for the first time "Razdolie" company takes part in the Career Days, which are held for the students and graduates by the country's largest agrarian university - Russian State Agrarian University by Timiryazev. This year, the stand of the agricultural company "Razdolie" has drawn a lot of interest from students, primarily agronomists and soil scientists.


"Razdolie" will build an apiary and will collect 1.2 tons of honey in the Dmitrov district of the Moscow region in 2017.

Razdolie - a leader of organic farming in the Moscow region - says that the company will make an apiary from scratch with 70 bee families and collect 1.2 tons of honey in 2017.


"Razdolie" plans to produce useful Kale chips

The innovative agricultural company "Razdolie" announces that in 2018 they are planning to build a full-cycle complex for production of Kale chips in the Odintsovo District of the Moscow Region.



Since 2000 Russia's agriculture has been one of the most active and successfully developing sectors of the Russian economy. Since the late 90's planting areas and livestock have increased a hundredfold together with export of agricultural products, reaching the new heights in the history of modern Russia.


"Razdolie" will expand the capacity of vegetable storages up to 17.5 thousand tons

"Razdolie" - the leading enterprise in the Moscow region in organic farming - reports that in the medium term the company plans to build 4 high-tech vegetable storages with a capacity of 3.5 thousand tons each, expanding the total capacity up to 17.5 thousand tons.


Innovative company "Razdolie" will harvest over 2.4 thousand tons of potatoes in 2017

LLC "Razdolie" - the leading company of Moscow region in the field of innovative agriculture - said that company plans to harvest more than 2.4 thousand tons of potatoes of different varieties in 2017.


Razdolie has increased the amount of employees by three times in 2016 because of plans for increasing production.

Razdolie - the leading company of Moscow region for innovative organic production - says that they have increased the amount of employees by three times - up to 30 people - in 2016 because of plans for increasing production and implementing more than 2.6 thousand ha in Dmitrov, Klin, Istra, Odintsovo regions of Moscow Oblast.


Razdolie makes quality and tasty potatoes more available for consumers.

The secret of tasty and healthy eating is a healthy and high quality food. Nowadays there is a perception that almost all products contain GMOs, are grown using chemicals, nitrates and other toxic substances. Indeed, many farmers use illegal chemicals to protect their yields from pests and damage useful products that later can cause serious health problems.

«A stitch in time»: reconstruction of Dmitrov farm is at full speed

Winter is not the time for rest in the countryside, the snow and cold are not an obstacle for work. That's what experts of "Razdolie" company say. They give a new life to the buildings located on the territory of the farm in Dmitrov district of Moscow region.


Potato sales

Last week our company started a process of selling potatos. We started this process in a season of rising potato prices. Having a modern potato storage with the latest technological equipment helps our company to make a clever strategy of selling our product and we can expect the maximum price.


Razdolie expands hay production areas

Our company has decided to expand the area for hay production up to 1000 ha in 2017. We see a strong demand for hay in the local market and the potential for export, so the production of hay will be one of the priority of our business.


Introducing innovations into life!

We are already preparing for the spring planting season on our farms. As part of the preparation work we are negotiating with agricultural universities and colleges in Moscow and the Moscow region.

с Новым годом!

Happy New Year 2017!

That's the end of 2016 and the new year 2017 already is confidently leading us to new projects, tasks and setting our goals higher! Looking back at the past year, Razdolie company can say without false modesty that in spite of the difficulties and the difficult weather conditions - it was a successful year!
And summing up the results of the outgoing year we have a lot of that we did "for the first time"...