с Новым годом!

Happy New Year 2017!

That's the end of 2016 and the new year 2017 already is confidently leading us to new projects, tasks and setting our goals higher! Looking back at the past year, Razdolie company can say without false modesty that in spite of the difficulties and the difficult weather conditions - it was a successful year!
And summing up the results of the outgoing year we have a lot of that we did "for the first time"...

Construction site in Dmitrov

"Razdolie" company continues to restore abandoned lands. Both soil and infrastructure need restoring that's why we are making efforts to complete the agricultural season.


Sivtsev - furnace

Ecological production, construction, heating and other are not just good words that we are familiar with hearing on TV.
Klin farm of "Razdolie" company has always been famous for its handymen.


The first export shipment!

The first truck with our wonderful flax was sent to Poland for production. The quality of products of"Razdolie" company corresponds to high export standards. It proves one more time that determination, correct business processes combined with the generous Dmitrov lands provide an excellent result!


"HAY" Project for 2016 is COMPLETED!

All the stocks in the Istra and Dmitrov farms were successfully sold. Following the success of last season it was decided to build hay storage for 150 tonnes in the Istra farm. And this is only the beginning! We are waiting for a more successful season for hay in 2017.


Chips from Kale and other dishes

Summing up the results of this fruitful harvest and the new projects of the year Razdolie company is already preparing parallel plans for 2017.
We are happy to present you an eco-project for the production of natural spices!

завершение уборки

Harvesting is completed

Difficult weather conditions in the form of abnormal rains were a big obstacle for harvesting. But nothing is impossible for our friendly team! Wheat, flax and peas are successfully sent to the production plants in the Moscow region and a part of the production is exported. We are all preparing for the coming season.


Beautiful endless fields of Klin farm of Razdolie company cannot stop astonishing us with its beauty and size, and inspire us to make new labor feats!

Hop plantations

The season is over, we offer you to see how it all began!

Harvesting is at the height!

We are actively collecting oil flax! This year's crop of flax is very good!


Oil flax harvesting!

Catching the last good days, our well-coordinated team is finishing harvesting the oil flax from our own fields in Dmitrov. We work actively in two shifts - we have to be in time to make a good harvest which the generous Dmitrov lands offer. Growing of oil flax is one of the promising areas that "Razdolie" company will develop on its lands.

Harvesting is at the height!

In addition to harvesting we are planting winter wheat, elite varieties. Well-prepared fields and clear control of the seeding norms are those aspects that we give special attention to at our farms. All technological processes have been thought out and verified.


Now we are preparing the lands for a grand "Asparagus" project. Difficult weather conditions are not a problem for the professional team with good equipment. Using the subsoil plow, we are turning the oilseed radish into a green manure for the asparagus. We have 100 hectares of land for the asparagus project in Klin and it will be one of the largest plantations in Europe.

The first hop crop

We are glad to inform you that the first hop crop is harvested! Something interesting will happen with it later, and we will have a new harvest! Next year we expect even more products, and we plan to expand the varietal selection, adding more American and German varieties.


Potato harvesting

This weekend we started harvesting potatoes in Klin farm in Vozdvizhenskoe village! Despite the difficult weather conditions the works are going according to the plan. We are studying how to use the sorting machine for potatoes. Potatoes will be sorted and put into a modern, equipped with the latest technology, vegetable storage. We look forward to a good harvest!


Potato harvesting

Today there was shooting for Istra news agency. The manager of Istra farm Andrei Valyavsky and managing partner of "Razdolie" Shane Peed said about the revival of fallow lands of Glebovsky poultry Association.

Harvesting is at the height!

We are trying to catch every fine day and even during the rain we manage to harvest, dry and send our crops to the elevator!


The "Asparagus" project is getting larger at our farm. We prepared 100 hectares of land for the planting of cover crops and applying green-manures. This is another very important stage of preparation for the planting of the main crop, which allows to fill the soil with the necessary micronutrients. According to experts, our plantation of asparagus will be one of the largest in Europe.

Istra farm

Particular attention of our company this season was on preparations of fields for winter wheat planting at our Istra farm. We plan to plant 400 hectares. Generous Istra lands, filled with the beauty of pristine nature, in the hands of our professionals are transformed into an effective modern production of grain crops.

First hop cones!

Though the summer is behind and fall came, for us it is not a sad time! We are waiting for the first harvest! Our cones are growing, but even now hop aroma is awesome! Follow the news not to miss the most important thing!

Flax growing

The first experience in the flax-growing in Istra farm of Razdolie company proved to be successful! Competent preparation of fallow lands for planting and balanced approach of our experts for fertilization have given their results. Flax was a success!

Wheat fields

The rich and generous Dmitrov land is in the capable hands of its owner! The splendor of golden ears of our wheat doesn't leave anybody indifferent. This is a fascinating sight that gives us hope in the future. The harvesting is in full swing. We go on record!


Potato harvesting

Potato harvesting in Klin region has not started yet, but we have already sent a sample of the first new potatoes of our famous varieties "Queen Anne" to special customers.


Hay selling

Dmitrov farm! Hay selling has been started!


Installation of honey extractor

We launched a new extractor in our apiary. The result that we got was as we expected it to be - honey keeps all the flavor of honeycomb.


Kale delivery

Kale is winning the hearts of not only beautiful women but also sportsmen! Our fresh leaves are a great addition to a healthy diet and we are happy to deliver every day a fresh Kale to the trade networks and restaurants of our city!

Asparagus project

We started the "Asparagus" project in Klin farm! A unique and incredibly popular for its healing and taste qualities this vegetable crop is now being grown on the fields of the Razdolie company.

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The first potato yield

According to our experts, despite the difficult and newly developed fallow lands, the proper tillage and balanced care of the crop allows us to hope for a decent harvest. This year we planted such elite varieties as "Inovator", "Rosara". Now we are waiting for the harvesting on the field where we planted the famous variety of potato "Queen Anne", named in honor of the first Queen of Great Britain.

Cale harvesting has been started

Superfood XXI, grown by caring hands of our experts was sent to our partners in the fitness centers, cafes and restaurants! Razdolie company always keeps pace with the times and offers only the highest quality and healthy products!


Apiary opening

Our company does not stand still and constantly looking for new niches to implement our innovative ideas and solutions. An excellent example of this is the launch of the pilot project for the opening of the apiary "Bee Kingdom" in Dmitrov farm.

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The harvest time finally

The harvest time finally started on the generous lands of Dmitrov!
Here came this wonderful day when in all tne employees of Dmitrov farm went into the field for the long-awaited harvesting! Very balanced and thoughtful way to achieve the goal is showing its results in our generous Dmitrov lands. Neither difficulties and surprises of the weather cannot stop our well-coordinated team, the entire yield will be harvested in time and with minimal costs.

Kale cabbage

We are harvesting the first yield of the most beneficial product for today!

Ростки хмеля

Kale cabbage

This year Razdolie company launched a project on growing of Kale cabbage. In order to create and identify the best conditions for this crop, we have set our fields in the north-west of Moscow Oblast in the Istra region and the farm located in the administrative district of Novomoskovsk. Juicy and useful lists of our cabbage won the hearts of supporters of a healthy lifestyle! The uniqueness and the need for this product in the market has led to the fact that now we are engaged in the expansion of production to make sure that our product is able to reach every interested buyer.


Our preparation for harvesting is under way! We receive up-to-date harvesters! A time full of drive and excitement is waiting for us, and we hope for a fine harvest at our generous Dmitrov district lands!

Закупка семян


Fine quality of our Istra farm hay is confirmed by a queue of clients from all over Moscow region! Daily shipment work days and weekends. Farmers and stable owners keep up too coming in their personal trucks to get fresh hay for their pets! Next year we definitely should widen our farm land! Demand makes supply!


Fabulously juicy and fresh field peas gave us generous Dmitrov district lands! We are looking forward to the begining of harvesting!

Hay mowing

Fresh and delightfully sweet scented hay we get from our endless fields. Our current activity is hay making in Mytishchi district, Abbakumovo village, and in Istra district, Kholshcheviki village.
A wonderful combination of clover, timothy and fescue give proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals. We bale hay into large pieces weighing 250 kg and smaller ones of 20 kg and the size of 46*39*80 cm.
Our hay is especially popular at stables and farms. We take orders and deliver both large and small quantities, for small farms and stables. Our prices will surprise you pleasantly!

Daily monitoring

Daily monitoring of our crops condition allows us to react promptly against deseases and pests. Product quality is under sleepless control of our agronomists and consultants which allows us to forecast good harvests at our fields!

Ростки хмеля

Our hops

Our hops climb high rapidly!
Strong sprouts and juicy leaves gather the generosity of this summer!

New equipment has arrived

New spare parts and equipment are delivered from the Netherlands! Only the best machines of global manufacturers work at our generous fields!


At the fields of our Dmitrov farm we have planted the elite varieties of field peas. And currently the result exceeds all our expectations! Active growth of healthy pea sprouts is really impressive. We are looking forward to a rich harvest at our generous Dmitrov region lands.

Овощехранилище в Клину

Multifuctional complex for storaging

Next to Kopylovo village our company's project is gaining the speed. We're building an up-to-date multifuctional complex for storaging, processing and shipping the potato and vegetables (housing 35 000 tons of products).


Our Klin farm keeps up with our Dmitrov farm! Planting is at full swing! This year we are in for the quality varieties of potato. Advanced technology of potato planting and the pool of high power tractors with up-to-date rotor harrows that we use for soil cultivation allow us to hope for a good result.

Возрождение дмитровских земель

Dmitrov region land revival

At the website Igor Nechaev’s original project, which is the winner of Region Head Award “Nashe Podmoskovye” (Our Moscow region) in 2014 – there came an article devoted to our company’s activity.

TNT TV program video

Our information issues more than once touched upon the matter of abandoned farmlands of the former Budyonovets state owned farm. But it seems like currently this problem is successfully solved as here came new proprietors.

TNT Shooting

Yesterday TNT Dmitrov shooting team visited our farm at Yakot (Dmitrov district).
The reporter Igor Nechayev discussed with our managing partners Shane Peed and Heath Peed the planting process, advanced technologies of soil cultivation and future harvest of our generous Dmitrov region lands. Full video report is coming soon at our website.


This favored sunny day saw the inspection visit to our cultivated and fallow fields put into operation. Vast expanses of our generous Dmitrov region lands impress and inspire! Last year we put into operation 400 hectares, for this year it is 2000 hectares, and going forward we have even more ambitious plans.


We keep on planting peas and spring wheat of elite varieties. Fine weather and our well-coordinated international team work make us certain of having a generous harvest at our Dmitrov region lands.

Закупка семян


Our generous Dmitrov region lands cheer us with the first sprouts!
These warm spring days we look forward with certainty, hoping for a good harvest and admiring our winter wheat growing crops of Scepter variety Elite category.

Hooray! We've started planting!

Good weather of recent days and timely prepared equipment allowed us to start planting with the most preferable time period. We use advanced technology of No-till (zero soil treatment) to plant peas and other crops. Up-to-date seed tenders and high-technology planters enable us to do it within the shortest time period and with the least labor efforts. Under the careful guidance of the western specialists the young generation of Dmitrov farmers lay basis for a rich harvest at our generous lands.

Disc harrows

For the treatment of fields by advanced technology "No till" (zero tillage), we continue to receive specialized equipment, including new disc harrows. The use of them helps to keep up the structure and quality of the soil of our beautiful fields. This tillage technology gives us a hope to get a good harvest for many years.

Закупка семян

LED lighting

We are glad to inform you about a new article that has been published on the results of our research in the application of LED lighting for growing vegetables and herbs in greenhouses with LED-lamps as the only source of illumination; hybrid supplementary lighting in conjunction with the use of sodium lamps and supplementary lighting in greenhouses with natural light source.

Закупка семян

Seeds purchasing

The preparing for planting is going full swing! We continue to receive selected seeds of flax, barley and other crops for the spring planting. This year we will be using innovative experimental varieties of the category "ES - elite seeds" of not only Russian, but also European breeding.