Our fields are situated in ecologically clean area of Istra Valley in Moscow Region. Most of the lands are located far from the main highways and road junctions. Such location certainly has a positive impact on the hay produced.

One of important factors of getting high-quality hay is to harvest in the early phases of vegetation. The high content of nutrients and vitamins in the young grass is explained primarily by the leaves presence. Leaves contain 2-2.5 times more digestible protein and 10 times more vitamins than stems do. Stems grow together with the plant, but the nutrient content and its digestibility reduces rapidly.

About hay

Hay is the most important feeding component of the cattle and domestic animals.

The phases of fodder crops development change rather quickly. Therefore, we start harvesting for each type of hay at clearly set time and finish it within 8-10 days. This scheme allows us to get high-quality hay with a high content of nutrients.

Natural meadow grass is a basis of our fields. We also use annual and perennial grasses and legumes in pure form and their blends to get a highly nutritious hay.

We use modern rotary mowers in harvesting hay. These mowers don’t just mow the hay, but also flatten it with special shafts before putting into the roll. This allows speeding up the mowed crops dehydration process. Then we gather hay with special machinery such as balers.

At our farm we often use packaging into rectangular hay bales tied with the twine, which is the most efficient way for our customers. The dimensions of such bale are 46*39*80 cm. Our products are very popular among buyers and now we are the main hay supplier for many stables, farms with cattle, rabbits breeders, etc.

We built special, well-ventilated and highly equipped hay storage in Istra for preliminary hay storage.

We think that hay production is one of the most promising directions of development.

According to the Federal Customs Service, it isn’t the first year that Russia exports hay to France, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and since December, 2015 – to North Korea.

The generosity of our endless fields, well-built processes for hay production and storage, careful attitude to our work and our sincere desire to deliver the best products to each customer are the basis of our success.