Dmitrov farm is situated 65 km from Moscow in the north of Moscow Region. The combination of organic production methods, favorable climatic conditions, clean air and fertile soils makes it possible to get high-quality harvest of cereals, legumes and other crops.


In the past Budyonovets state farm was called Danilivskoye Village that was a place of living of well-known Russian nobility. Later, during the Soviet government, it was renamed and turned into the Budyonovets state farm.

Dmitrov farm is a modern diversified agricultural enterprise that develops plant growing, livestock breeding, etc.

About project

The production process is based on modern technologies that combine traditional techniques and organic methods of high-quality agricultural production growing.

The enterprise implements product sales to retail, wholesale and specified shops and production.
The highly skilled Russian and foreign experts take part in the development of unique technologies.
Agricultural production of the state farm has been certified and is kept under control of the certified organizations. The annual inspection of technological processes confirms their compliance with the organic production requirements.

Dmitrov farm has a park fully equipped with all the necessary machines of Russian and foreign manufacturers. Complete rich fodder, hay and forage grown at our fields along with advanced animal maintenance technologies allow producing meat of exclusive quality.

The rich historical heritage, fertile generous soils, advanced technologies, enthusiasm and professional qualities of our employees are those factors that allow us to be confident about the future of our enterprise as one of the most promising in Dmitrov district.