Razdol'ie LLC is one of the leading agro-industrial enterprises of Moscow Region and the absolute leader in innovative organic farming.
Razdol'ie lands are ones of the few that have got the EU certificate for organic production with the corresponding document.
We have a strong professional team that consists of local and foreign experts. They work on the implementation of all the projects of our company using the best international practices in the agriculture.
Razdol'ie was founded in 2010. The company represents a vertically integrated structure that offers a full range of services on the cultivation, processing, storage and sale of agricultural products. This organizational structure allows us to monitor quality of each product throughout the entire production chain from the field to the consumer.
Our priorities are cereals, vegetable products, hydroponics and hay production.

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Respect and understanding are the key principles of our work.

We grow our products for you as for ourselves.

We are open and clear in our actions.

We are ready for partnership and efficient dialogue.

We keep our word.